Vineyard Groups

Small groups are at the heart of our mission as a church, "to create an environment for God to move." We find the God works most in our lives when we're in community. We grow in faith and understanding of who Jesus is, as we explore his word together. We talk about real life stuff. We practice the "one anothers" (love, forgive, etc.) in the context of relationship. That's why Jesus said that where two or more of God's people are gathered, that He is in our midst! (Matthew 18:20)

Host: Jack or Lana Hudnut

When: Every Tuesday at 6:00

Location: 915 N Prairie Ave, Sioux Falls near Terrace Park

About: We are super excited to be leading a group. Get ready to open up your heart to what God wants to do in you as we study about the Kingdom of God together. Everyone is welcome. Children are welcome, but no childcare will be provided. Bring a meal to share! We look forward to getting to know you!

Host: Kevin Gullickson

When: Every Sunday at 6:00pm, starting Sunday, October 9

Location: 400 N Main Ave, At The Vineyard

About: Starting October 2016, our group will dive into my favorite subject...the Kingdom of God! This is deep stuff...and life-changing, as we really get God's perspective on the world...and your life! We'll eat a meal together, so bring a dish to share. Kids are welcome, but childcare will not be provided.

Host: Cheryl Elbers

When: Every Thursday at 6:30pm, starting Thursday, October 6

Location: Villas of Canyon Creek Clubhouse, off of S Sycamore Ave and E 54th

About: Starting October 6, our group will deep dive into the Word of God, praying for one another, and enjoying life together! We will grow in our understanding of God as we look at 6 of the major themes of the books of Luke and Acts. Come join us!