Equipped to Sit??  You gotta read this…

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I’m a cyclist.  And there’s one thing you need to know before you invest in a road bike, and it’s this…

You’ll need much more than just a bike!

Getting a bike is only the beginning of the journey, because you also need to be fully equipped for the journey ahead.

You’ll need things like…

  • A pump — to inflate your tires.
  • A spare tire — in case you get a flat (and, believe me, it happens when you least expect it!)
  • Spare tire changing tools — the little dealies to pry off your tire and a CO2 cartridge to fill the tire back up, unless you really want to carry your pump around!
  • A bag to carry your spare tire changing tools on your bike
  • The ugly shorts — because you start to realize just how uncomfortable a bike seat can be
  • And the list goes on with sunscreen, a helmet, oil for your chain, lights for riding in the evening, and more!

The point I’m making is this…

You Need to Get Equipped

You can’t just ride the bike.  You need to be FULLY EQUIPPED for the journey!

There’s another side to it though, too.  It’s one thing to be equipped, but it’s another to actually use your equipment--to actually go on the journey!  You could spend a lot of money on bike equipment…only to have it all sit in your garage.

What good would that be?  

The chain would eventually rust, the tires deflate…and you’d probably end up listing all that stuff on “Kraigslist” for way less than you paid for it.

Get Your Butt in the Seat (or Off of It!)

A lot of people getting really excited to be equipped, but quickly lose the thrill of having equipment without a good journey to use it on!

As a leader who’s called to lead God’s church, I take the role very seriously.  Why did God create the various leadership roles in the church?  For one purpose…”to equip [God’s] people for works of service.” (Eph 4:12 NIV)

There you have it.  Two parts.  Equipping + An outlet for using the equipment (aka “works of service”).

The American church has become a place you go on Sundays so you can get filled up and encouraged to “deal with” the rest of the world throughout the week.  We haven’t been taught (or trained others) how to engage…how to change the atmosphere in the places we live, work, and breathe.  

Instead, we sit on our butts and listen to a good (or maybe even a really boring) sermon or lectionary that we do nothing with.

But Change is Coming!

So I’ve asked myself, and the Lord,  ”How do we truly equip people for works of service??”

Enter…the School of Kingdom Ministry!

We are starting a school to do those two things.  

Equip + Serve
Learn + Act

It’s not just a place to come and be fed.  It’s also a place to engage in ministry.  To impact others around you.  

And I know it’s what believers have been craving!

You’ll be equipped, activated…and then given a push to step out of the nest!  To jump out of the seat and start the journey.

If you’re craving that, then start the process today by clicking the button below…and get ready for God to move in your life.  

Also, be sure to click the LIKE button to share it with others!  We want ALL believers to be equipped!

Start Now

P.S.  If you don’t call the Sioux Falls Vineyard home, but live in Sioux Falls, you’re welcome to join us!

P.S.S. If you don’t live anywhere near Sioux Falls, consider hosting the School of Kingdom Ministry where you are, or moving here to join us (seriously!).  If neither of those are possible, find some other way to get equipped in supernatural Kingdom Ministry and impact your city for Jesus!

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