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Hey, all.  Here are the latest happenings at the Vineyard…

Vineyard Weekly Gathering 
TONIGHT, Thursday, Jan 16
Don’t miss our gathering tonight!  We’re going to talk about one of the most important questions you can ask yourself.  It’s a question that impacts every area of your life, and determines the outcome of every decision you make.  Yep…it’s that important!  

See you at 400 N Main.  Bring something for our shared meal at 6:30pm, with worship starting around 7:15pm.

Prayer and Worship @ The Browns
…and, we’re back!  Prayer and Worship Saturday night at the Brown’s, starting at 7pm.  (And it just so happens to be Chadwick’s birthday. 🙂  Another great excuse to have a good time!)  Get directions to their place on this page.

School of Kingdom Ministry Guests
Special guests Bjorn and Kathy Lervik from the Sioux Falls Healing Rooms will be sharing their experiences with us, and imparting the things they’ve learned for our activation and practice times.  Sunday at 5pm for SoKM students.

The following week we’ll hear from a man of God that I greatly respect and admire.  Phil Strout is the president of Vineyard USA, and he’ll be sharing with us that week.


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