Pray for World Impact

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They’re everywhere!  We’ve got Vineyard folks who are doing ministry all around the globe!  Please pray that God uses them…and that they’re also changed in the process.

Pray for Vineyard folks doing ministry around the world:
For Emily Taubert as she heads to China.
For Jesse Hohwieler in Tanzania.
For Rachel Taubert as she heads to Thailand.
For Derek Johnson, at YWAM in KC for Discipleship Training School.
For Kaylee Eytchison on her trip to Thailand.
For Jesse Hohweiler on her trip to Africa.
For Lonny at an IHOP ministry in KC.
For Kraig and Traci in Canada in a few weeks
For Kraig, Don, Chadwick, and Victoria, who will be heading to Columbia later in the month.
For Justin and Jess in Hawaii.  OK, you know they’re on their honeymoon, but if you know them, you know they’ll represent Jesus well in Hawaii! 🙂

Pic: Kaylee Eytchison riding an elephant in Thailand!

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