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Sioux Falls Vineyard Church regularly supports the ministry of First Priority of Sioux Falls, and their work among teenagers in area high schools–specifically by financially supporting Micah and Becky Brunz, who are on staff with First Priority.  Here are some recent testimonies from their ministry:

There are so many testimonies to give God thanks for. Join us in thanksgiving as we celebrate what God is doing in the lives of teens: 

-Celebrate! A student that we have been praying for, for months, received Jesus as Savior and Lord last Friday at Roosevelt.

-A student with shoulder issues was healed of his pain and has range of motion that he did not have before. 

-Students are praying and worshiping at Lincoln every Tuesday morning. God is bringing new  students every week to join in praying for their friends, their teachers, administration, and the nation. 

-Charlie Sanders, a new staff member, is making great connections with each football team at every high school. There were many students from all the high schools that came out to the Storm game  on Friday night. God has given Charlie a great platform to share his own story and the gospel of  Jesus Christ. 

-Harrisburg High School began connection meetings this week in the hopes that God will move in a  major way to unite, empower, and serve, so that the gospel of Jesus Christ would touch the whole  school. 

-New Tech high school began a freshman and sophomore outreach two weeks ago after school on Thursdays. God is bringing younger leaders to be involved and take over leadership from the  seniors that will be graduating. 

-Lincoln is seeing amazing outreach and empowerment of student leaders who are leading their  own outreaches. Mondays after school a girls group and an African group meet. Both are growing in numbers and in their impact through the gospel. 

-All of our staff is being intentional about making connections between the students and the Church.  It was awesome to see many students who were not connected to the Church, connect at multiple churches these past two weeks. Discipleship is also taking place within these churches and the  students. Praise God!!! 

-As students share their personal stories, upbringings, and struggles, others begin to see them in a new light. There is a new depth that breaks down social/friendship barriers. Students are  befriending new students. 

-God is drawing families closer. 

-Soccer has proven to be a way to connect students and adults in a way that allows for deeper  conversations off the field.

God is Gracious, 
John Glasser and the First Priority of Sioux Falls Staff 

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