Vineyard Update :: TONIGHT! (with maP)

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Hey, all!  It’s time for another Vineyard update!  (Sorry for the lack of them recently!)

We had a great service last night, exploring the depth of meaning behind Passover that gives meaning to Easter and communion.  We ended with a special time of personal reflection and taking communion together.  

Please be praying about some potential doors that could be opening up at a local halfway house and other locations here in Sioux Falls.  It seems like there is a hunger in folks to learn more about the Lord and get their lives back on track.  Just another opportunity for us to take the presence of God into a new place where it’s needed!

Prayer and Worship at the Brown’s :: TONIGHT!!
It’s confirmed!  We will be having Prayer and Worship TONIGHT (Friday, April 18) at the Brown’s.  We’re doing it tonight instead of Saturday due to Easter weekend.

Remember that they’ve changed locations, so don’t go out to Harrisburg anymore! 🙂

You’ll find them at :

4604 S Minnesota Ave. in Sioux Falls
Carpooling is encouraged since parking space is limited!
Please bring a snack to share as well.

See you tonight!

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