2 Years of Moving the Heavens

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Tomorrow is Celebration Day!  Exactly two years ago mountains moved and God sparked something that today is the Vineyard Church in Sioux Falls.  Over the past two years, our family has grown and matured as we’ve sought the Lord and ushered in His kingdom in Sioux Falls.  We’ve seen some people drawn to the Lord for the first time, others who have received emotional or physical healing, and many of us have been able to use our God-given gifts to serve each other and glorify Him.  

So tomorrow we’ll tell the stories.  I’ll share our story and let you tell yours.  Then we’ll have an extended time of worship and prayer, as we continue to ask the Lord for all that He has for us, and move the heavens with prayers of faith and humility.

More, Lord! 

If you have a story to share of the way God has touched your life through the Vineyard, please let me know!

See you tomorrow night at 6:30pm!


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