Vineyard Update: LOTS of Stuff!

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Hey, Vineyard Family and Friends.  There’s a lot of stuff going on at the Vineyard!  You may not see it on the surface because a lot of it is going on behind the scenes right now.  The momentum is building and picking up as we move closer to the fall. 

Yep…I already mentioned the fall!  That’s because change is already in the air.  The biggest change is moving toward a “launch service” in September or October, with an intentional focus on inviting others to be part of what God is doing in the Vineyard.  

What that means practically speaking right now is that we are learning the “art of neighboring”…getting to know the unchurched around us in our own communities.  The goal is to move from being strangers to acquaintances, and eventually from acquaintances to having real relationships with our neighbors.  While it’s certainly not an overnight thing, we can move in that direction by finding our neighbors out doing stuff and simply saying “hi” to hosting block parties and inviting all of our neighbors to come.

Speaking of block parties…if you’re interested in hosting one, talk to me.  We kept ours simple, and there’s a lot we learned in the process that can help you to do one.  We’ll even get creative together if you have ANY concerns about space or anything else!  

The other thing that’s part of this momentum is the Launch Team.  This team is a temporary team that is helping to move us toward a lunch Sunday.  We have been meeting nearly every week to discuss plans and make decisions.  Now we’re starting to break up into smaller teams and ask others to jump in.  If you have a place that you’d like to jump in, talk to me!  We may very well be able to use your skills!

The Launch is just one piece of the puzzle though.  As we move beyond the Launch, we’ll be talking about new ways to equip our body to do Kingdom Ministry.  And I’m not just talking in the classroom, but creating opportunity to use the gifts that we’ve learned about and practiced in School of Kingdom Ministry and other places.  But I’m getting ahead of myself. 🙂

I just also want to add that God is bringing in some new people who have already said they’re ready to jump in and be part of building God’s Vineyard.  I’m so excited and thankful for how He is building a dynamic team of Kingdom workers.  More Lord!

So, with all that said, here are the things we’ve got coming up!

Thursday, July 24 :: Vineyard Weekly Gathering @ 6:30pm
Join us for special guests, Dave and Becky Schneider, who currently live and work in one of the most unreached nations of the world.  Our shared meal begins at 6:30.  Please bring something to share if you’re a regular.  It’s on us if you’re a newcomer!  Worship and ministry time will begin shortly after 7:00pm

Friday, July 25 :: Bonfire and Worship Night! @ 7pm
Don and Cindy Cox are hosting a night of just seeking God together under the stars.  See details and directions on the Vineyard Facebook page.  (You can like the page and share the event while you’re there. :))  Bring bug spray and blankets and chairs.

Saturday, July 26 :: Vineyard Spirit Ride @ 8am
If you ride a bike, join us for an invigorating ride on the loop around Sioux Falls.  We start at Josiah’s Coffeehouse at 8am.  Watch the Vineyard Facebook page for last minute updates in the case of bad weather (but it looks like it should be a nice one!).

Sunday, July 27 :: Baptism [TBD]
We are looking at the possibility of doing a baptism service on Sunday.  If you’ve said yes to Jesus, but haven’t been baptized, let me know and we’ll make plans for that to happen!

Blessings everyone!


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