The Momentum is Building!

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This is a big week at the Vineyard!  The momentum is building as we move closer to launch!

Here’s what’s happening this week…

Thursday, September 18 :: Worship and Prayer Night!  

We’ll have our shared meal at 6:30pm, followed by a time of seeking the Lord in worship and praying for what He wants to do in the Vineyard and in Sioux Falls as a whole! 

Starting at 6:30pm at the Vineyard.  Worship starting at 7:15pm.

Friday, September 19 :: The Holy Ghost Film

This documentary by Darren Wilson answers the question, “Can we be completely directed by the Holy Spirit?”  Get ready to be blown away by how the Holy Spirit moves today.  We’ll discover what happens when we listen and then step out in what the Spirit is leading us to do.  

Learn more and register today at  Starting at 7pm at the Vineyard.

Saturday, September 20 :: Vineyard “ALL IN” Launch Prep Party

This Saturday, we need everyone we can possibly get to help paint, clean, and move furniture at the Gourley building.  And we’ll have some fun doing it, including a coffee taste test to decide which blend we want to serve on Sunday mornings.

Starting at 10am at the Vineyard (but come later if you can’t make it right at 10!), and going until we’re done.  Lunch will be provided!

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