Radical Welcome :: Part 2

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Wow! What a week it’s been! Thanks to the whole Vineyard Launch team for welcoming and praying for everyone who came to our first Sunday service.  It was amazing to look around and see everyone interacting with and blessing each other.

And we’ve only begun!  This Sunday is The Radical Welcome, part 2.  We’ve sent out thousands of postcards to neighbors to invite them to come. We had several people last week who responded to a postcard or Facebook ad, and I expect we’ll have some more this week.

Here’s what’s coming up:
Thursday, October 9 :: Thursday Night Church :: 7:15pm
It’s still on!  We’ll be starting at 7:15pm with worship, followed by Bible study and ministry time.  No meal this week, but we’ll have coffee and tea available.  At The Vineyard.

Sunday, October 12 :: The Radical Welcome Service :: 10:30am
We’ll continue to extend a welcome to anyone and everyone as we seek the Lord on His radical invitation for us to join Him in His mission on the earth!
Be there at 10am if you’re on the Launch team, or otherwise want to help welcome and greet newcomers!

Also, if you are interested in helping with following up with newcomers during the week after Sunday services, please let Kevin know.

Please pray for Justin and Jess as they finish up their ministry trip to Brazil, and Jamie and Grazi as they begin their time in Brazil with Grazi’s family!

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