The Thursday Night Flood — AKA Lake Vineyard

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Last night, during Thursday Night Church, the torrential rain started flooding into the Gourley building where we meet.  By the end of the evening, we had about an inch of water, and in some places more, covering just about every square inch of the Vineyard space.  Fortunately, there were several of us there to move furniture, equipment, electrical cords, etc out of the way.  SPECIAL THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO HELPED OUT!

Currently, we’re needing volunteers to clean up the water.  Once that’s done, we’ll give it a chance to dry–running fans and humidifiers–and then move everything back into place. Today (Friday), Rick Gourley, the building owner, has several wet vacs available for those who can help.

It probably won’t be dry in time for the Sunday service, so we’ll be coming up with an alternative location for the time being.  Keep an eye out here and on the Vineyard Facebook page for the latest updates.  We’ll try to stay close to our current location (and perhaps look at an outside space, if the weather is nice).

Check out the video below to see what our space looked like last night…

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