Holy Ghost Coming to Sioux Falls…Again

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A couple years ago, we held the premier Sioux Falls movie screening of Holy Ghost, the documentary, at the Vineyard.

Holy Ghost is more than just a film…it’s one of those life-impacting moments that encourages and challenges you to believe that God truly is able to do more than we can ask or imagine…that He truly is active in the details of our lives when we stop to acknowledge, listen, and obey.

The filmmaker, Darren Wilson, set out by asking, “Can the Holy Spirit direct a movie?”

This film was the answer to that question.

On Monday, April 25, at 7:00 pm we’ve been given a tremendous opportunity to watch this film again…on the big screen…for free…and to share it with others.

But this time, instead of hosting it in our limited space at the Vineyard, it’ll be showing at West Mall 7 next to Scheels!

Mary Ellen Dirksen, who is very involved in the Christian community in Sioux Falls, set everything up for this event to happen.  As we discussed the impact the film had on her, we really wanted to use it as a catalyst for Healing on the Streets, which begins that same week with the event with Mark Marx on April 29-30.

Listen…God is moving in Sioux Falls.  It’s time for the Church, the community of believers in Sioux Falls, to step out and do something that is uncomfortable…and exciting!

Watching a film and inviting all of your friends is the easy part!  Then lets begin to stretch our faith and take it into the streets.  We’ll be glad we did when we see lives changed and people all across our city saying Yes to Jesus and finding healing to the brokenness in their lives.

Go to this site to pre-register for the Holy Ghost film at West Mall 7 on Monday, April 25: www.holyghostsiouxfalls.com

Then go here to register for the Healing on the Streets event with Mark Marx at the Vineyard on April 29-30: www.HealingOnTheStreetsSiouxFalls.com

I look forward to seeing you at both events!


PS Watch the trailer below…

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