Discipleship Groups are on the way!

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Discipleship at Vineyard

A few weeks ago, we had a family meeting to talk about discipleship, and what being a disciple looks like in the context of The Vineyard.  Jesus said that we are truly his disciples when we love and obey him.  The greatest way to learn how to do that is in relationship with others who are walking with us on the same journey.

Starting in October, we are going to launch several discipleship groups throughout Sioux Falls.  Many of the groups will start off with an in-depth study on the kingdom of God, since the kingdom was Jesus’s favorite subject!

Listen for more announcements on Sunday mornings, and watch for more information on the Welcome table in the lobby.  We’ll also have more details on the website as we get closer to the end of the month.

If you’re interested in hosting a group, please let Kevin know at [email protected].

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