Wing Night and Vineyard Connect Groups

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Wing Night

I had a great time connecting with the guys at Wing Night this week.

And something happened there…

I sat there listening to stories–stories that I hadn’t heard before.

Funny stories. Life stories. Stories of joys and sorrows.

And something amazing happened in the process. I saw in my minds eye invisible lines being drawn between individuals as those shared stories created connections. I saw walls come down as guys felt they had a safe place to share who they were.

To me, that’s what the local church is all about. It should be a lighthouse and safe harbor to find others who, in many ways, are on the same journey that we are.

I believe Jesus wants to create more of those connections among us. That’s why, in October, we’ll be forming Connect groups–groups that share meals and stories, go deeper in the Bible, and find ourselves really connecting with God.

There is no greater purpose. And I can think of no greater means than to do it with those who will lift you up, pray for you, encourage you…and challenge you to take bold steps when necessary!

With that in mind, please consider where God wants you to connect!

It may be to lead a group that brings others together, or just to take part in a group. Either way, it’s a great chance to learn, relate, grow and live life with others.

Take a look at some of the groups that are already forming, and think and pray about which one to join for the October launch.

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