The Spiritual FEAST

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Lent begins tomorrow.

The season of Lent is the 40 days prior to the celebration of Easter. Traditionally, it’s a time of fasting and repentance. People often give something up (certain foods or smoking, for instance) or focus on adding a spiritual disciple (such as a time of focused prayer or scripture reading).

This season, I’m going to do something I’ve wanted to do for a long time—and I want to invite you to join me.

Rather than a fast, I’m going to do a Spiritual Feast—feasting on the Word of God.

Starting tomorrow, I’ll be reading through the entire New Testament—about 5 chapters a day, beginning with Matthew and ending in Revelation—and complete it on Easter.

The last time that Shanygne and I did this, we were amazed at the insights we gained from scripture, and the crossover between the different gospels and epistles.

If you’d like to join us, please email [email protected] and say “I’m in!”

Once you do, I’ll email you a link to the Bible reading plan.

I look forward to feasting on God’s word with you!


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