Experience “The Last Supper”

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Before the events leading to the cross, Jesus met with his disciples in an upper room to eat what has become known as “The Last Supper.” This meal that Jesus ate with his disciples was actually the celebration of Passover, that people of God have been celebrating ever since the Hebrews were delivered from Egypt and the hand of one of the Pharaohs.

Now, we’re going to experience this meal together as a church family–the Passover Seder meal. You’re going to find that this is a rich experience as you realize how the parts of the story are woven into the story of redemption and point to Jesus.

Please sign up on the at facebook.com/siouxfallsvineyard or on the sign-up sheet at the church. There is a list of items in both of those locations that you can choose from to bring; otherwise, a donation is appreciated to cover the meal.

The meal and festivities will take place on Tuesday, April 3, starting at 6:30 pm.

3 Comments on “Experience “The Last Supper””

  1. Hello SF Vineyard

    Just curious is the passover a regular yearly celebration for you folks? For years I had attended a Vineyard in Salem Oregon and as of late I’m finding myself increasingly being drawn to Messianic things. Blessings and Shalom! David Schrag

    1. Hi, David. We’ve done it two of the last three years, and may make it a yearly thing. Our family celebrates it personally every year. We love it because it’s so rich in meaning, and is amazing in the way it points to our Savior!

      Are you in the area? If so, I hope you’ll drop by sometime! We’re here every Sunday. 🙂

      Blessings and Shalom!

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