Vineyard February Updates

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Hi Vineyard Family!

I have to admit, communication is not always my forte.

Just ask my wife! Ha!

But…one of my goals is to be more intentional on communicating with our Vineyard Church family.

So…this email is a start!

I want to start by sharing some good news…things I’m excited about…

  • What an amazing time of worship on Wednesday night! So grateful to have live worship with Aaron G, his buddy Micah…and our own Hannah A. who jumped in at a moment’s notice. It was a sweet time with the Holy Spirit. We have Worship and Prayer every Wednesday night at 7pm, so come out and join us if you aren’t already!
  • We recently dedicated Eveen Zuriel. She’s a precious girl and has amazing parents. And each one of us is extended family and get to play a role in her spiritual development as she grows. How exciting is that?!
  • We’ve been praying for a friend of Amy S. Her friend was walking away from Jesus and into New Age junk. Our prayers were answered when she turned her heart to Jesus again. And now we’re starting a Bible study that she wants to be part of! Woo hoo!
  • We had Guy’s Wing Night again finally! Need I say more?!
  • I’m always blessed by those who share how blessed they are by the Vineyard–including Byron, who currently lives in Brookings. He’s trying to find an apartment in Sioux Falls–close to the Vineyard! (He even messaged me that he has found an apartment that’s 1.2 miles away that he’s hoping to get into. :)) Byron was part of the early Vineyard movement with John Wimber, so we’ll take him! 🙂

And speaking of roots…

God has really been leading me to go back to our roots, which really means going back to what’s important to Jesus! I see that in a few ways, but here are a couple I want to let you know about…

One, Vineyard Ministry Coordinators (those who lead an area of ministry in the Vineyard) will be getting together to talk about vision in 4 areas: Holy Spirit ministry, outreach, leadership development, and church growth. I believe God wants to breath new life into us to continue to grow as a healthy, life-giving church with healthy individuals and families.

Second, if you know me, you know I’m passionate about the kingdom of God, because God is passionate about His kingdom. I believe we all need to understand the significance of the kingdom and how it relates to our culture. So in a few weeks, we’ll be starting a new group study about the Kingdom of God. If you haven’t done this study before, please be sure to sign up for it! It’ll be on Sunday evenings at 6pm. (Start date to be announced very soon.)

Be sure to check the Facebook page for regular updates:

Dig deep into the Word and breath in the Holy Spirit!

See you on Sunday at 10:30am!


Sioux Falls Vineyard Church

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