Service Change for January 2!

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Hello, Vineyard.

We have a number of people who have or have possibly been exposed to COVID this week (including my family!)…so we’ve decided to change things up tomorrow!  

I would like to ask you, not to “take a day off,” but to take a personal sabbath day tomorrow!  

What will that look like?

Well, sabbath is about taking time to worship the Lord, gathering in worship with His people, and resting from our work, as He commanded.  This week, I encourage you to do all of that, just without the gathering part! 

I’ve put together a worship service for you and anyone else in your household.  It includes some Vineyard worship songs, prayer requests, and a message from the president of Vineyard USA—who I think you’re going to love!

Here is a step by step for your sabbath time with the Lord tomorrow…

First, pray…

“Come, Holy Spirit”

Pray this simple prayer to engage with the Holy Spirit.  Quiet your spirit before him.  Don’t be afraid to sit and see what thoughts He gives you.  

“Oh, My Soul, Worship the Lord!”

Take some time to sing or soak in the presence of God.  

This playlist has songs we sing at Vineyard…and begins with a new one, Heaven’s Work, that we’ll be singing together this year! 🙂

Click here for the worship playlist:

Your Word Is a Light To My Feet

Watch the message, Doing What the Father is Doing

Before you access the video, set up a FREE Vineyard Digital account by clicking here: (Sioux Falls Vineyard has prepaid licenses for members of our church.)

About Vineyard Digital:

Vineyard Digital is created to provide discipleship resources centered around the theology and practice of the Kingdom of God for individuals, families, and churches around the world.  You’ll have access to a bunch of goodies – studies, worship music, devotionals, sermons, etc.  Enjoy!

About the Speaker: Jay Pathak is the new president of Vineyard USA.  He’s an awesome man of God, and I know you’ll enjoy listening to him and his testimony.  Even if you don’t listen to the whole thing now, I hope you’ll at least listen to some of it and come back to listen to the rest at another time.

Let The Little Ones Come to Me

There are also resources for your family on Vineyard Digital, including The 5 Step Prayer Model for Kids, family devotionals, and coloring pages you can download and print.  If you have kids, I would encourage you to take some time devoted to spend with them on one of the resources.


  • No Alpha this week, but it will start up again next week.
  • If you have tithes or offering, you can give here:
  • This is Antonia’s last week!  She’s going to be heading back to Rapid City to jump back into School of Mines.  We’ll miss you, Antonia!  Come back and see us often! 
  • We have a new Vineyard member, Sarah Manning, and her son, Austin!  She is joining us from Vineyard KC.  We look forward to getting to know them!  (Thanks to everyone who welcomed them while we were out of town!)

And Whatever You Ask In My Name

Please take some time to pray about what God is doing.

For the Vineyard, that we will see what God is doing and respond in 2022!

For those who aren’t feeling well or have potentially been exposed to COVID:

  • Pastor Brian and Francine – potential exposure
  • Vikki Gullickson (and Ron) – Vikki has COVID
  • Shanygne Gullickson (and family) – Shan has had a low grade fever
  • Curt – potential exposure at work

Thanks for flexing with us this week.  We hope you have a special time of rest and are able to connect with God in a special way at home.  

I look forward to seeing you again next Sunday!

All the best,


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