Passover Seder Meal

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We’ll be celebrating a Passover Seder meal together on Thursday, April 21. Everyone is welcome! The Seder meal is the meal that Jesus shared with his disciples in the upper room. It celebrates the miracle of God in delivering the Hebrew nation from Egypt.

Please post a comment below if you’d like to attend and/or are able to bring a side dish, and we’ll respond back with more details.

6 Comments on “Passover Seder Meal”

  1. Hello Kevin

    Yes I would like to attend the Passover Seder. I am not sure I have it off nor do I know if I have transportation. So we’ll see.

    Sincerely and Shalom, David Schrag

    1. Hi, David. We didn’t do a church Seder meal this year. I think you were looking at the post from last year.

      1. Thank you, Kevin. I really appreciate you telling me this. Will you possibly be doing this the coming year? Are Mack and Holly still around? How about Joseph Aponte? I am out of town and do not have available transportation to attend. Thank you all the same.

        Sincerely, David Schrag

  2. Hi, David. Mack and Holly are still around. Joseph moved out of state. It’s possible we’ll do one next year, but I won’t really know until closer to that time. If we do, I look forward to connecting with you again.

    1. Hi Kevin

      I really appreciate this. Thank you. If possible do let me know. Thanks again. Shalom!

      Sincerely, David Schrag

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