Vineyard Easter Sunday!

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We have a lot to celebrate on Easter Sunday at the Vineyard!

First of all, we’ll have our Sunday service at 10:30 am–with a twist.  We’ll worship and have a shortened message, communion, and have a potluck breakfast together.  Please bring something to share if you’re able.

Then following the service, we’d like to invite you to a baptism for Julia, who shared last week how God is transforming her life once again.  A friend has kindly offered to let us use his hot tub for the baptism.  I’d love to get as many people to support Julia as possible!  And if anyone wants to be baptized, bring a change of clothes and a towel!

Finally, we’ll end the day with a Passover Seder meal and service.  This is a celebration with a rich history going back literally thousands of years.  It starts at 7:30pm Sunday evening (since it’s traditionally celebrated after sunset).  This is the meal that Jesus ate with his disciples in the upper room, as we read in the Bible.  You’ll see a lot of deep connections with Easter.  Be sure to RSVP, if you haven’t already, so we can get a count of how many plan to attend.

I looks forward to seeing you and celebrating Jesus with you tomorrow!

All the best,

2 Comments on “Vineyard Easter Sunday!”

  1. Dear Kevin

    this is David Schrag who used to attend your church and the previous last 3 Passover

    I was wondering if you could send a visitors packet by the mail to the following address by the mail.

    Emily Miller
    44792 282nd ST
    Hurley SD 57036

  2. Hi David. We don’t currently have a visitors packet. Could
    y you send her the website link?

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