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Hi Vineyard!

Tomorrow (Monday, September 25) is Fast, Pray, Give Day.

The idea of Fast, Pray, Give is to remember the poor—by experiencing a day without food, praying for those in need, and using the money we would have otherwise spent on food for ourselves to bless the poor instead.

We’ll do this fasting day once a month, to meet whatever need comes up that month.

This month we will Fast, Pray, Give for an unreached people group in North Africa. The offering will go to Sonya Dvorak for her trip, where she will be using her skills as a pharmacist on a medical mission with a team of 18 individuals.

You can read more details about her trip here:

She leaves in October, so please give online this week if you’re able, so we can get that to her ahead of time. You can give at (Choose “Missions” as the Purpose.)

Thank you for serving Jesus in this way. Whatever we do for the “least of these,” we also do for him.



PS I’ve attached a poster you can print off and hang on your fridge to remember to pray for Sonya and team, and the unreached group in North Africa.

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