Updated Communications

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Hey, all. We are updating everyone’s contact information and email/text communications. If you’d like to receive ongoing communications, be sure to click here and fill out this form asap… https://app.textinchurch.com/groups/extform/MzA1NzU5 Alternatively, you can text the … Read More

Family Sunday!

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Vineyard is a Hospital, School, Army and…a Family! We’re celebrating “Family” on Sunday, October 17 with breakfast at 10:30, followed by shorter service. Feel free to bring food to share. (Although you don’t have to–we’ll … Read More

Haiti Response

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aerial photography of assorted color buildings

We’ll be taking up a donation for Haiti on Sunday, to supply much needed items, including meals. Consider fasting and praying one day this week and using the funds you would have spent on food … Read More